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"The authors will donate their proceeds from the sale of this box set to XYZ charity." Giving multiple authors credit in the "written by" metadata - Upon upload, the only author credited in the "written by" metadata in the book. For any change to your book other than price, your book must be manually reviewed again before the new changes will ship to our retail is is to ensure the changed book and its associated metadata still meet the requirements of the Premium Catalog. The minimum duration for a campaign is 1 day. Once you review a book, a link to your profile page appears in your review, and your review also appears on your personal profile page. Vendor Powered Coupons (VPCs) are created and billed separately from Amazon Marketing Services. Correcting retailer listing errors (improper pricing, missing metadata). When you purchase through Smashwords, we create a secure communications connection between your web browser and our payment processing provider, PayPal. The cover image isn't in an acceptable image format.

Kindle coupon
kindle coupon

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Your sales made at m are reported instantly to you via email. If you uploaded a scoot airlines promo code greyscale book cover image, Apple won't list your book. Review the, amazon Marketing Services Agreement. Reviews that are simply attack pieces will be deleted. Read this FAQ to prevent payment delays. . How do I sample a book? Return to Top Glossary of Ebook Publishing and Reading Terms Making sense of ebook publishing jargon, gobbleygook, acronyms and Smashwords terminology Affiliate - Affiliate refers to an affiliate marketer, which is typically a person who enrolls in the Smashwords Affiliate program. .

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kindle coupon

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